Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Something tells me I may not be watching the Oscars tonight. Oh well. I'm gonna try to get this done before then, but it's just really slow going. Ideally, I would like to slip the brief under my professor's door tonight. Oral arguments are on Tuesday, and then I'm DONE with the Closed Brief. I think we can pick up the Open Brief assignment on Thursday and-- guess how I'm planning on spending my Spring Break? Doing the Open Brief research and outlining my classes. Same thing I did for our Fall Break. My parents offered to fly me home, but I declined. I really want to be able to get this research out of the way when I don't also have to deal with my regular workload. In theory, I could get it done in Dallas at the SMU Law Library, but I'd prefer to use a library I'm familiar with. Plus, there's no way I'll be able to work as efficiently, both for researching and outlining, either: A) in a library I'm not familiar with or; B) at home.

So my music of choice today is "When I Look to The Sky," Train and alternating with the Gipsy Kings' cover of "Hotel California." Last night was only moderately productive. I left the library at 4:30, came home, and slept. There just comes a point in the day where I'm incapable of coherent thought without more sleep.On today's agenda:* Write statement of facts.* Finish/refine my motivation arguments.* Edit for length. My arguments section is, at this point, about a page too long. Something's gotta go. That's going to be a real problem. I'm thinking there might just be some truly ugly string cites in this bad boy.